Citing foyer

If you use foyer for your research, please cite our paper or its pre-print:


Klein, C.; Summers, A. Z.; Thompson, M. W.; Gilmer, J. B.; Mccabe, C.; Cummings, P. T.; Sallai, J.; Iacovella, C. R. Formalizing Atom-Typing and the Dissemination of Force Fields with Foyer. Computational Materials Science 2019, 167, 215–227.


   title = "Formalizing atom-typing and the dissemination of force fields with foyer",
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   author = "Christoph Klein and Andrew Z. Summers and Matthew W. Thompson and Justin B. Gilmer and Clare McCabe and Peter T. Cummings and Janos Sallai and Christopher R. Iacovella",
   keywords = "Molecular simulation, Force fields, Reproducibility, Open-source software",

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